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"Adult Schoolgirl Regressed To Babyhood"

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Full length movie 76 minutes playing time
Featuring Scarlett and Lillian

A school day and Lillian has not woken up. Her step mommy Scarlett calls from outside to wake a few times but Lillian just groans and rolls over. Scarlett comes into the bedroom, shakes her then pulls off the sheets to discover a wet bed and she is shocked. Lillian protests she does not know how it happened because she is way too old for that sort of thing but her step mommy insists she will have to wear a diaper to school that day. Of course Lillian protests and complains she will be teased mercilessly if she wears a diaper but it gets more real when Lillian realises how loudly the diaper crinkles and there's no way she can hide it. But Scarlett tapes a disposable diaper on her and gives Lillian get some hard spanks for complaining.

Later that day Lillian arrives home from school and races into the bathroom before her step mommy sees that she has wet her diaper at school. Obviously several times. Scarlett hears her crying and comes into the bathroom and tells her I knew you would wee yourself and you are smelly so I'm going to have to put you in the bath and bathe you just like I did when you were a baby. Then we are putting on a fresh diaper under your pyjamas. Lillian protests but has no choice.

Back on her bed And Lillian has not had any supper so Scarlett insists she be breastfed . Lillian is horrified that she has to suck on her step mommy's boobies at her age. Finally she has drained both breasts

Lillian nods off and absent mindedly sucks her thumb for comfort

Morning and, you guessed it, Lillian wakes with another soaked disposable . She tells her step mommy she cannot go to school in diapers again and Scarlett says that's fine you're not going to school. You are going to a special place for girls just like you who have started to regress to babyhood.

Scarlett drives them across town and it leads Lillian into this strange room. It is a nursery. But not just any nursery. A nursery made for adult sized people with adult sized furniture adult sized clothes and adult sized diapers.

She knows Lillian wants to get put of there so after first explaining about the nursery and that is where she will be staying for an indefinite period she sits her down restrains her with manicals. Her step daughter is not going anywhere.

Midday by now and Lillian is due for a meal. Scarlett lifts her into a high chair, ties on a bib and gives her her first meal of solids. Mushy baby food that Lillian just does not want at all. Scarlett then has to finalise a few things with management of the facility but cannot leave Lillian free in the nursery so she assembles a playpen and puts her in that with a few toys to amuse herself. Lillian is actually not amused at all and it just wants to get out of there and go to school ... without diapers.

When Scarlett returns she gets a little whiff and instinctively checks the disposable diaper she put on Lillian earlier in the day. Yep saturated again and she needs to be changed. This time Scarlett puts her in a pretty pink babyish BunnyHopps sposie.

Scarlett announces it is time for her afternoon nap. Lillian protests but now she is back to babyhood this is her routine. Scarlett dresses her in a little nighty and then gives her another breastfeed. She helps Lillian into the cot and concerned Lilian will try to escape again she lays her down and restrains her wrists once more. An affectionate peck on the forehead and she leaves the room turning out the light. Lillian rolls over as best she can being restrained and nods off. What is on store for her tomorrow? And the next day? And the next?

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